Top 10 weirdest Digimon in the TCG

The Digimon franchise is home to a diverse range of digital creatures that range from those based on vehicles to gothic-looking nuns wielding pistols. With very few limits when it comes to creative freedom, a number of weird Digimon designs have made it into the franchise and the Digimon TCG. 


Ninjas with old school computer monitors for heads definitely look strange, especially considering that there is nothing showing on the screen. This means that when Monitormon gets the jump on its target, the last thing they ever see is their own terrified reflection. 

weird Digimon


Togemon is a giant cactus wearing boxing gloves, that has three empty holes for its eyes and mouth. This Digimon appeared many times in the original Digimon Adventure series as the companion of Mimi and thankfully looked less creepy after Digivolving into its higher levels. 


A giant pencil Digimon may look bizarre, but there is actually an interesting story behind Ekakimon. In 2011, a young fan of Digimon, named Chicchi, sent in their design of Ekakimon and won the Taiki & Shoutmon Award. It has since become an official Digimon and has appeared in the Digimon Fusion anime series. 

weird Digimon

Numemon and Sukamon

Those who played the original Digimon World game on the PS1 will know that those who didn’t train their Digimon right ran the risk of it dying, or worse, digivolving into a Numemon or Sukamon. These Digimon are literally poop type Digimon who attack by flinging their faeces at their foes. No matter how disgusting they are, I’m sure they would be effective in battle as no one would want to hang around for that. 

weird Digimon


Speaking of Numemon, this creepy teddy bear type Digimon with glowing dead eyes is believed to have a Numemon inside of it, which allows it to move. There is also a theory that Etemon controls the puppet Digimon with the plush toy he has strapped to his belt. Despite having attacks like ‘Love Song’ and ‘Hearts attack’, Monzaemon is far from being a cuddly stuffed bear. 

weird Digimon
weird Digimon


Raremon is a Digimon that tried to extend its life by adding mechanical parts to its body. Although it can now never die, the modifications inadvertently destabilised its body, causing the muscles to break down and its skin to melt away.  It would be a nightmare situation if you saw this Digimon crawling toward you, but luckily, you would be able to smell it long before it’s close enough to get you. 


This Digimon in a rubber suit and wearing a gas mask is incredibly creepy. Troopmon made its debut in the Battle of Omni set, showing a legion of these aardvark looking Digimon marching into battle. If you think that they might look less threatening with their masks off, you are out of luck, as they are made up of energy absorbed from other Digimon that is then stuffed into the rubber suits. 

weird Digimon


Another card that was submitted into a Digimon illustration competition, Bakomon was created by Kenichi Ishii and was the winning entry of the V-Jump Award. Bakomon is a Digimon that hides inside cardboard boxes, as it is too shy to show its real face. Although this coping method might work for Bakomon, it has inadvertently made itself look extremely creepy. 


In episode 45 of the rebooted Digimon 2020 series, the Digidestined discover a racing Digimon called Machmon. This isn’t the first time we have seen vehicle type Digimon in the series, with Blimpmon appearing in episode 39, soaring through the skies. This Digimon Digivolves the likes of Gazimon, Gottsumon and Solarmon. 


Nanimon has been around since the beginning of the Digimon franchise. Although it is a ball-shaped humanoid Digimon who appears naked, Kenji Watanabe has done a great job of toning down the weirdness of this Digimon for the TCG. Although some might find the body hair on this Digimon extremely strange, we should just be thankful that he has grown such a long beard. 

The list of Digimon is always growing within the franchise,  with the most recent anime series, Ghost Game, introducing several new protagonists such as Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon. These Digimon have already got their own cards within the TCG, which could mean we will see more brand new Digimon designs entering the game in the near future. To learn more about this new series, follow the link here. To learn about the upcoming Gammamon starter deck, click here

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