Top 5 Agumon of the Digimon Card Game

Agumon has been something of a mascot for the Digimon TCG ever since the anime series aired in the late 90s. Much like Pikachu in Pokemon, Agumon has been favoured over other Digimon in the series he has appeared in and was even chosen to front the promo material for the Digimon Card Game in the early days. As a fan favourite who has been in the franchise for almost 25 years, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the orange dinosaur Digimon has already had his fair share of cards. 

Agumon – 0.0 Promo

When Bandai was first promoting the Digimon Card Game, they distributed the 0.0 promo folder which had six holo cards included. These were given out in a number of ways, including a sweepstake collaboration with the Dragon Ball Super CG and freebies sent out with pre-ordered booster boxes. The artwork of the Agumon that came with this set was also used in posters and official social media images for the TCG. 

Agumon Digimon Card Game

Agumon – Double Diamond Alt Art

This alternate art Agumon that came with the Double Diamond booster also connects with a Gabumon from the same set. This card shows the more innocent side of this Digimon, as most of the other cards show him launching a kick, claw swipe or a pepper breath. 

Agumon Digimon Card Game

Agumon – Classic Collection Alt Art

Some of the older fans of the Digimon Card Game may have collected or played the original Digi-Battle card game from the early 2000s, which was the English counterpart to the  Japanese exclusive Digimon Colosseum. To pay homage to these iconic games and the cards that came with it, Bandai released the Classic Collection which has alt arts that take the original card art and backgrounds to create usable cards in the current game. This version of Agumon might look tame but screams nostalgia for old school Digimon fans. 

Agumon Digimon Card Game

Agumon Expert & Fake Agumon Expert 

The Agumon Expert and Fake Agumon Expert cards are fun cards that are two sides of a coin but illustrated by the same artist. I really like how Agumon’s coat is oversized and obviously doesn’t belong to him. This artwork has since been used on the Digimon website for tutorial pages. 

Agumon – Dash Pack Promo

The first Dash Pack that came with the Special Booster 1.0 booster included this Agumon card with artwork that really pops. The colours are vibrant, Agumon looks formidable and his previous forms look adorable in the background. 

The Digimon Card Game is host to some incredible talent when it comes to illustrations, with the next injection of impressive card art coming with the Next Adventure booster set. If you would like to learn more about specific artists of the game, check out our links below – 

Digimon TCG: The art of Naochika Morishita

Digimon TCG – The Art of Nakano Haito

Digimon TCG – The Art of Sasasi

Digimon TCG – The Art of Kenji Watanabe

Digimon TCG – The Art of Digimon TCG: Ryuda

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