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Top 5 Pokemon TCG Arceus artworks

Arceus Pokemon TCG

Arceus, the god of all Pokemon. Sinnoh’s saviour and the poster child for the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus releasing worldwide on January 28th 2022. With the next Pokemon TCG expansions focusing the stars, we’re going to take a look at some of the best Pokemon TCG Arceus artworks from throughout the years. Which is your favourite?

Arceus LV. X

LV. X cards are awesome. Originally appearing as chase cards back in 2007 as part of Diamond & Pearl base set, LV. X defined the Diamond & Pearl era and led to some incredible cards that we all know and love to this day. Arceus LV. X happened to be the chase cards for, yes you guessed it, Pokemon TCG: Platinum: Arceus. The 2009 English Pokemon TCG Expansion also included an Arceus focused subset of cards with 9 AR cards each showcasing the legendary Pokemon with a different typing.

Arceus AR 5

We could’ve picked any of the AR cards from Platinum: Arceus to showcase in this list. That being said it’s the king of Pokemon TCG artists, Mitsuhiro Arita’s normal type Arceus that stands out from the rest. AR5 shows Arceus in front of what appears to be a black hole with a holo pattern emerging from the darkness. This card captures everything we know and love about the god of all Pokemon. 

Arceus Pokemon TCG

Arceus XY83

Released in English as part of the Generations Mythical Collection pin boxes and in the amazing Japanese Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine Collection, this Arceus Pokemon TCG card is top tier. Shin Nagasawa creates a standout full art with a modern twist that radiates light and fits in perfectly with Arceus’s aura thanks to the holo shine of these Black Star promo cards. 

Arceus Pokemon TCG

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX (Alternate Art)

Cosmic Eclipse is one of the great, if not the greatest, modern Pokemon sets of all time. ADP Alternate Art just happens to be one of the main chase cards for the huge Sun & Moon expansion. We all know ADP as a dominant Pokemon TCG deck throughout the Sun & Moon era thanks to the sheer OP effects of Altered Creation GX. The Alternate Art of the card by Kouki Saitou captures the legendary Creation trio and the sheer awe of their power. If I could only pick one Arceus card it would have to be this.

Arceus Pokemon TCG

Shining Arceus

Kouki Saitou seems to be an expert when it comes to making a god-worthy Arceus card. Here is no exception. Shining Arceus from Shining Legends uses hints of purple to create a cosmic background that matches up perfectly with other Shining cards from the set like Shining Mew. Who doesn’t love Shining Legends?

With the upcoming release of Star Birth in Japan on January 14th and Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars at the end of February we’re likely to see some amazing Arceus cards enter the fray. Do you think an Alternate Art Arceus card could take the crown?

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