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Top 5 Pokemon TCG Palkia artworks

With Astral Radiance just a few weeks away, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the best Dialga and Palkia cards from Pokemon TCG’s history. This second article will look at the top 5 Palkia cards before Astral Radiance releases on May 27th.

Palkia & Dialga (Legend)

Part of Pokemon HS – Triumphant which was released in November 2010, the Palkia & Dialga Legend cards are one of the best examples of Pokemon’s Time & Space legendaries. The cards show the two Pokemon combining across two cards forming an epic combination that screams legendary power. 

Palkia Pokemon TCG

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX (Alternate Art)

Cosmic Eclipse is one of the great, if not the greatest, modern Pokemon sets of all time. ADP Alternate Art just happens to be one of the main chase cards for the huge Sun & Moon expansion. We all know ADP as a dominant Pokemon TCG deck throughout the Sun & Moon era thanks to the sheer OP effects of Altered Creation GX. The Alternate Art of the card by Kouki Saitou captures the legendary Creation trio and the sheer awe of their power. If I could only pick one Dialga or Palkia card it would have to be this.

Palkia Pokemon TCG

Palkia EX (Full Art)

The Palkia EX Full Art Card from Black & White: Plasma Blast features Palkia in all its glory, surrounded by an aura of water. The line detailing on Palkia’s scales is simply breathtaking making the card pop from any binder collection. 

Palkia Pokemon TCG

Palkia LV. X 

Who doesn’t love LV. X cards? Palkia LV. X from 2008’s Great Encounters is a fantastic card thanks to its holo edges and impressive artwork by Ryo Ueda. The red background adds to Palkia’s visible presence creating an awesome illusion of force within the card. LV. X made a return for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations and is to this day one of the best Pokemon TCG card types ever.

Origin Palkia V Alternate Art

Palkia’s Origin form released as part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has had a mixed reception due to its strange shape change that made Palkia look like a centaur. Space Juggler’s Origin Palkia V Alternate Art has taken that form and ran with it, creating a trippy artwork reminiscent of optical illusions from the past.

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Are you excited for Pokemon TCG: Space Juggler? Which Palkia is your favourite Pokemon TCG card of all time?

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