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Top 5 – Single/Rapid Strike Master Artworks

Single Rapid Strike Top 5

With the release of Single Strike and Rapid Strike Master’s full set art, we here at Ludkins Media have decided to run through our top 5 favourite artworks from the set. The cards from these sets will launch in English with Battle Styles on 19 March 2021

Disclaimer: Secret Rares have yet to be revealed, this is purely based off of the 140 cards with images released and is a purely subjective opinion.

Mimikyu V

Mimikyu is such an interesting Pokémon, terrifying but equally cute at the same time. This V card has a beautiful clay-like animation that captures the griminess of the character so well and is my favourite variant of the Pokémon to date.

Mimikyu V
Single Strike Urshifu

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX

The Legendary Pokémon from 20201’s Sword & Shield DLC is finally in TCG form and like its counterpart (next on this list) captures a distinct feeling of action in its VMAX Single Strike Form. This design is awesome, even for those who have little love for the Pokémon.

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

Like the Single Strike variant, this card is a brilliant representation of movement. Just looking at the card emphasises power with the use of wind in its drawing. A chase variant of this card could create some hype around this set from outside of a TCG player standpoint.

Tyranitar V Secret rare

Tyranitar V Secret Rare

One of the few secret rares we have seen from this set is the generation 2 fan favourite: Tyranitar. This card is likely to become a modern favourite due to its cartoon artwork and its portrayal of Tyranitar’s personality. Usually this Pokémon is depicted in a terrifying light, yet this card showcases a more playful and hungry side.

Flapple VMAX

Who doesn’t love a cute apple dragon Pokémon? One of the strangest Pokémon from generation 8 is now in VMAX form and it’s delightful. Somehow Pokémon managed to pull off this bizarre idea for a creature and I for one, hope there is a secret rare rainbow or gold variant of this card to add to my collection.

What do you think of our top 5 Single and Rapid Strike Master Artworks, what’s your favourite? If you want to get in touch, send us an email here

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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