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1995 Topsun Pokémon Card Is Now Most Expensive Charizard In The World

1995 Topsun Charizard Record Price

One of only two 1995 Topsun Charizard Blue Back PSA 10 in the world sold at auction last night for $493,230 making it the most expensive Charizard card ever sold at auction.

UPDATE 06/05/21: Card now up for sale on PWCC auctions

Record sales seem to pop up daily in the current COVID climate of Pokémon TCG and this card pre-dating Pokémon TCG is no different.

The Topsun Charizard Blue Back PSA 10 sold on Goldin Auctions after an initial starting price of $5000 – highlighting the incredible demand for rare and vintage Pokémon merchandise of all forms.

Although the card shows a 1995 date on its PSA slab, it was originally distributed in 1997 across Japan via packets of gum. Each pack included two pieces of gum and two Topsun cards. This particular card is the very rare “Blue Back” variant and is an error card missing a number in the top left for the Pokémon.

Topsun Charizard

Last month, we reported on the potential for a PSA 10 First Edition Base Set Charizard to break the world-record $369,000 set at Goldin Auctions in December for a SGC 10 – that card sold for less.

Looking at this particular sale, it’s very hard to predict the future of world-record Pokémon card sales, the value of this card specifically based on the rarity of a PSA 10.

High-end collectors value population reports and the opportunity of owning a one of a kind card is in some respects priceless.

Who knows what sells for a record price next, how long until the PSA 10 First Edition Base Set reclaims its crown as the most expensive Charizard card in circulation?

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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