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PSA 10 Topsun Charizard sells at $300,000 loss

topsun Charizard

A PSA 10 Topsun Charizard Blue Back No Rarity sold for $192,000 on PWCC Premier Auctions last night, only three months after selling for a record $492,000.

In February of this year, the same PSA certification number card sold for $492,000 and became the most expensive Charizard card of all time. Now only a few months later and the buyer has sold the card at a $300,000 loss.

Topsun Charizard

Many factors could have come into play when determining the price of this PWCC auction. The first being that when this card initially sold in February it was the only one in existence. Since then another copy has been graded with PSA which could’ve had a severe impact on the demand for the card. 

It can also be said that in the build-up to Pokemon day on 27 February 2021, Pokemon collectibles were soaring and there has been a slight retrace since then due to the reopening of countries post-pandemic and other external factors impacting demand. 

Although the Topsun Charizard card shows a 1995 date on its PSA slab, it was originally distributed in 1997 across Japan via packets of gum. Each pack included two pieces of gum and two Topsun cards. This particular card is the very rare “Blue Back” variant and is an error card missing a number in the top left for the Pokémon.

The PWCC Premier listings also hosted a PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard last night which sold for $240,000. This is also well below the mark that we’d expect for a card of that calibre. That being said, the difference between the Topsun Charizard sale and this card is that the PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard may not have been the best example of a PSA 10 condition. You can read our article about “buying the card, not the grade” here.

It is always worth noting before the internet goes into panic drive when values drop that with high-end collectibles the prices vary drastically based on multiple factors and sometimes things just don’t align. 

This is not the first time that cards have sold for lower than anticipated through PWCC, it begs the question were people unaware of these auctions, or has there been a natural price drop due to an increasing population of the Topsun card?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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