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Tournament Pack Vol.3 & Double Diamond Winner Pack

Bandai has revealed the cards coming with the latest Tournament packs that will be available from store events running until January. This time around, the Tournament packs will focus on the original tamers and their Digimon companions, introducing new alternate arts that have some seriously impressive illustrations. 

Participants of these store events will receive one Official Tournament Pack Vol.3, with each pack containing 4 of the 32 cards. This means that players will need participate in as many events as they possibly can to increase their chances of completing the set. The winner of these events will also get a winner pack, which will contain one of four cards. Depending on the size of the store, the tournaments will host 8-player, two 16 player or 32 player events. 

Double Diamond Winner Pack Cards –

Tournament Pack Vol.3 Cards – 

Each of the Tournament Pack cards comes with one of the original Tamers along with their Digimon companion’s Rookie, Champion and Ultimate forms. These cards were first revealed back in May for the 1st Anniversary Adventure Packs of the Japanese version of the TCG. These packs were given out at the Tamer Exchange Meeting events in Japan, while the Digimon TCG celebrated its 1st anniversary. Although the cards are now being used for Tournaments in the English version of the Digimon TCG, the cards are exactly the same – reprints of Tamers and Digimon that came with early sets and starter decks. 

 Tournament Pack Vol.3
 Tournament Pack Vol.3
 Tournament Pack Vol.3

To learn more about the Japanese version of the Tournament Pack cards, click here. If you would like to learn more about previous special event packs, click on one of the articles below. 

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