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Two brand new Digimon revealed!

New Digimon Revealed

Two new Digimon enter the Digital World for the very first time! The first images of Shivamon and Achillesmon were revealed on the Japanese Twitter account this morning, introducing two very unique Digimon to the franchise. With these new powerful characters added to the official Reference Book, how long will it be until we see them enter the Digimon TCG? 


Shivamon is an Ultimate form Digimon who is an Insect type and has the Data attribute. This new Digital monster is based on the Hindu god Shiva, who shares a direct name with the deity. The multi-limbed aspect and the spikes running down its arms fit really well with its Insect type. The floating platform appears to generate a peaceful force while its antennae seem to be gathering electricity to power up an attack. Interestingly, the Hindu deity that this Digimon is based on can destroy entire universes so that it can re-create it. Could this be part of the Digmon’s TCG abilities? Maybe Shivamon will have the power to wipe both sides of the field so that both players have to start over again. 


Achillesmon is based on Achilles, the half-god warrior who became unstoppable during the Trojan Wars of Greek Mythology. Unlike his historical counterpart, Achillesmon’s heels seem to be the root of his power, rather than his weakness. Achillesmon looks like a true spartan athlete ready to launch an arrowed spear at any unrighteous foe. Like Shivamon, Achillesmon is an ultimate form Digimon. His type is Beast Man, like Leomon and Vikemon, and his attribute is Virus. It will be interesting to see what abilities this Digimon will have in the TCG, but it is likely to have ties with other God themed cards that are yet to be revealed. 

Both Digimon seem to have a Lightning theme running throughout, which is supported further by the fact that they are part of the Pulsemon Digivolution chain. Interestingly, Shivamon shares visual aspects of Exermon who is also an Insect type Digimon. 

With both Shivamon and Achillesmon based on gods from different cultures, could we see an entire card series centred around almighty beings who rule over the Digital world? Make sure you follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook for all your Digimon related news. 

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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