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Ultimate Force SSB Vegito – The first SCR

Many cards from older DBS CG sets have risen to legendary status in a relatively short period of time. This was seen with ‘Apex of Power’, the Signature Cards and ‘Awakened Power’, which have now become some of the most expensive cards in the whole game. Another interesting card that has achieved this status is ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’, which ushered in a new type of rarity back in 2017.  

Union Force, released in November 2017, was the second DBS CG booster. The 127 card set focused on the new ‘Union-Absorb’ and ‘Union-Potara’ skills that let characters grow stronger by placing more powerful cards on top of them. This provided a lot of law continuity, as the anime has many characters that absorb others to adopt more powerful forms, such as Cell and the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. 

Although this set introduced some powerful cards for the meta of the time, such as the ‘Growing Evil Lifeform Cell’ chain, very little is chased by collectors today when compared to other early boosters like the Tournament of Power and Assault of the Saiyans. One card from that set that does stand out from the rest, however, is ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’, which introduced the first-ever Secret Rare. 

There are 213 copies of ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’ graded with PSA, 86 of which have achieved a PSA 10 grade. This makes it rarer than ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ in regards to the graded population, which has 330 PSA 10s in the 512 graded with the service. Raw, these cards have been selling for between $150 – $200, although TCG Player gives it a market price of $259. 

A French PSA 10 version of this card recently sold for $970, with raw versions selling for between $115 and $120. What makes this version special is that there is only one graded with PSA. The foiling of the French ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’ is very different to the English version, having silver foiling with a speckled holographic style.

Ultimate Force SSB Vegito

Seeing Vegito turn SSB in his fight against Zamasu is one of the most memorable moments of the Black Goku arc. As this is a fusion of Dragon Ball’s most popular characters, it is no surprise that this card instantly piqued the interest of collectors and fans. In play, this card is still a very powerful finisher, having Triple Strike and Triple Attack. It does have its downsides, however, as it is limited to just one copy per deck and can be stopped with Counters.

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