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Venomous Violet Starter deck

With the release of ‘Special Booster Ver.1.5’ behind us, we can begin thinking about the second wave of new Starter Decks coming to Digimon TCG and how those decks will help shape the future of the game. Giga Green, Machine Black and Venomous Violet will be the newest additions to the Starter Deck lineup, giving players the ideal foundation to build Green, Black and Purple decks, reinforced by the cards pulled from ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’ and ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.5’. This article takes a closer look specifically at Digimon TCG Venomous Violet Starter Deck.

Digimon Venomous Violet Starter Deck

The Venomous Violet Deck, lead by the Matt Ishida Tamer Card, will allow players to embrace their evil side and use cards such as ‘Devimon’ and ‘Skullsatamon’ to do their bidding. This deck is all about trashing your own cards from your deck and hand, with the intention of returning the ones you need later on. In fact, ‘Nail Bone’ will allow you to play a purple level 3 and a purple level 4 Digimon card from your trash without paying the memory cost! 


[Your Turn] While there are 5 or more cards in your trash, this Digimon gets +2000 DP.

Even ‘WereGarurumon’ isn’t spared the evil presence of this deck, sporting dark fur as he takes on ‘Blue Meramon’. ‘WereGarurumon’ is a key element of this trash focused deck, as when it is used in Digivolution, the new Digimon gains +2000 DP, if 5 or more cards have been sent to the trash.

weregarurumon ST6-11
Venomous Violet Starter Deck

Dracmon ST6-04

[On Deletion] You may return 1 purple Option card from your trash to your hand.

‘Dracmon’ is a great way to recycle cards from your trash so that you can use them again, as when it’s deleted, you can choose a purple option card from your trash and return it to your hand. If you were to combo this with ‘Nail Bone’, you have the potential of building an army of Digimon in a short period of time. 

VenomMyotismon ST6-12

[When Digivolving] Up to 2 of your Digimon gain (When this Digimon is deleted after losing a battle, delete the Digimon it was battling) until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

VenomMyotismon may just be the most menacing and demonic-looking Digimon of all time. This card is all about helping out its team by giving them the ability to take down the Digimon that sent them to the trash after a battle – regardless of who attacked who. This can basically turn your Digimon into a sacrifice when coming up against an enemy Digimon that is far stronger than it. 

VenomMyotismon ST6-12
Venomous Violet Starter Deck

CresGarurumon ST6-13

[Security Attack +1] (This Digimon checks 1 additional security card.)[Main] (Trash 2 of this Digimon’s Digivolution cards to activate the effect below.)・Play 1 purple level 3 Digimon card from your trash without paying its memory cost.

To continue the theme of raising the digital dead, CresGarurumon has the ability to play one level 3 Digimon from the trash without paying the memory cost. Now, if you used cards like the purple colour ‘Gabumon’ to trash a powerful Digimon from your hand, this card will play it without paying the memory cost.  

Starter Deck Contents

Just like the first three starter decks, each of the new ones will consist of 54 cards, three of which will be Rare and one being a Super Rare. The deck will also come with a ‘Great Legend’ booster pack and two Memory Gauge cards to help players get stuck straight in.  

What Decks Can We Expect In The Future?

So far, we have had two Tai and Matt based decks, as well as a T.K and Izzy deck. This leaves Joe and all of the female members of the original Digidestined, Sora, Mimi and Kari, to get their own Starter Decks. This could suggest that the future Starter Decks may revolve around these characters. We have already seen Sora cards, such as ‘Birdramon’ and ‘Garudamon’, in the Gaia Red Deck, which could mean that the Sora Starter will be a red coloured deck that is supported by Agumon and his Digivolutions. The Mimi deck could be another green deck, maybe having Izzy’s Tentomon Digivolutions from ‘Giga Green’ paying back the favour by backing her up.

Could we see a new Lillymon card released as part of the booster? Maybe the Japanese ‘Lillymon’ that came in the Tamer Battle Pack 2 will make an appearance? If there is going to be a Kari Deck, it will undoubtedly be yellow and will focus on ‘Angewomon’ and ‘Angemon’, while the Joe Deck may have blue coloured cards, like the ‘Zudomon’ that came in ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’ and the Cocytus Blue Starter Deck. Of course, this is only speculation, as no future Starter Decks have been announced in Japan yet, as it seems that Bandai are looking to bridge the gap between the release of the English and Japanese versions. 

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