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All VMAX CLIMAX CSR + UR Leaks (Gold Pikachu, Mew, Karen’s Umbreon) + more!

Japan’s latest High-Class Expansion, VMAX CLIMAX, releases on Friday December 3rd and we are beyond excited! There are reprints of fantastic VMAX cards like Pikachu and Rayquaza along with a huge subset of Character Rares and new Character Super Rare cards. On this page you’ll find all the revealed cards alongside brand new leaks of cards including a secret rare Gold Pikachu VMAX, Morpeko V-Union with Marnie, and Karen alongside Umbreon VMAX.

Disclaimer: The leaked images are from Yahoo! Japan and therefore are low resolution. Higher quality images will be added when we have them available.

From analysing the set numbers and confirming the information based off of confirmed Pokemon reveals the following information appears to be true:

  • Gold cards for Pikachu VMAX, Mew VMAX, Duraludon VMAX, Urshifu Rapid Strike VMAX, Urshifu Single Strike VMAX, Calyrex Shadow Rider VMAX, Calyrex Ice Rider VMAX, Rayquaza VMAX.
  • The set appears to have 285 cards including all CSR and UR cards.

Gold UR cards

V + VMAX CSR cards

CHR cards

Full Art Trainer cards

So far, the Pokemon Company have officially revealed around 30 of these special cards for VMAX Climax ranging from Leon with Charizard to Red with Pikachu VMAX. Every officially revealed card so far can be seen below with official imagery:

  • VMAX Climax CSR
  • VMAX Climax CSR
  • VMAX Climax CSR
  • VMAX Climax CSR
  • VMAX Climax CSR
  • VMAX Climax CSR

We will continue to update this article with further images as we find them online. Going by this information, VMAX Climax is sure to end 2021 on a high and bring massive hype to the start of 2022 for Pokemon TCG! Which of these cards will we see in Brilliant Stars?

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