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VMAX Climax pull rates – What to expect from your booster box?

VMAX Climax pull rates

VMAX Climax hype is bigger than many of us could have ever imagined after the reveal of over 100 secret rare cards ranging from Character Rares to Gold Ultra Rares. If you’re yet to see images from Japan’s latest High-Class set releasing tomorrow you can check out high-quality images here. Now, streamers and YouTubers alike have started to receive VMAX Climax boxes in hand giving us a better indication of what slot to expect which cards and how many pulls are likely for each booster box.

Disclaimer: There is still a very small sample size however pull rates seem to be fixed per box giving us a great indication of what you can expect to pull when your VMAX Climax booster boxes arrive at your door.

We’ve scoured the web to try and it looks like each booster box will include between 3 and 4 CHR cards alongside 1 CSR and either a Full Art trainer SR or a Gold Ultra Rare. These appear to be quite generous pull rates even with over 100 special cards available in the set.

VMAX Climax booster packs are made up of the following:

  • 1 Reverse Energy
  • 6 Commons/Uncommons
  • 2 Holos
  • 1 V/VMAX
  • 1 Reverse Holo

If the pack has a CHR, the card appears in the reverse slot.
If the pack has a CSR, the card appears in the V/VMAX slot.
If the pack has a Full Art trainer, the card appears in the 2nd holo slot.
If the pack has a V-Union, the cards appear in the C/UC slot, 2 holos and the V/VMAX slots.
If the pack has a Gold Ultra Rare, the card appears in the V/VMAX slot.

This YouTuber packs 2 Gold Ultra Rares in 3 boxes!

There also appears to be three different kinds of God Packs available. This means that if you’re lucky enough to have a God Pack in your booster box it will either include CHR, CSR, or Full Art trainer cards. We’ll update all of this information throughout the launch week of VMAX Climax as we gain more information on what to expect in the High-Class set.

What do you think about the VMAX Climax pull rates?

Big thanks to Idir PKMN for helping compile this list.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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