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What’s the most expensive Astral Radiance card?

It’s been a few weeks since the release of the second English Pokemon TCG expansion of 2022, Astral Radiance. The set continues with the Legends Arceus and Hisui theme with Pokemon’s protector of time, Dialga and its space counterpart, Dialga. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 most expensive cards from Astral Radiance.

Disclaimer: Prices are based on TCGPlayer’s Market Values, accurate at the time of writing (06/06/2022)

10 – 040/189 Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR $34

Kicking off the list of the most expensive cards in Astral Radiance is one of the Creation Trio, Palkia. 

This base version of Palkia’s VSTAR is interesting as it shows that collectors lean towards regular versions of a card over their Rainbow counterparts. According to TCGPlayer, the regular Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR sits at around $34 just slightly higher than the rarer Rainbow version which won’t even make it onto this list. Is it time for Pokemon to stop with the Rainbow rares? 

Most Expensive Astral Radiance

9 – 186/189 Irida (Full Art) $36

The leader of the Pearl Clan and one of the main protagonists in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Irida was always going to be a popular full art trainer card from Astral Radiance. With a current market price of $36, we’re surprised that such a popular character isn’t selling for more.

8 – TG23/TG30 Garchomp V $39

When Brilliant Stars introduced the Trainer Gallery subset we fell in love with how easy it was to pull fun and interesting cards. The Trainer Gallery cards have made a return in Astral Radiance and allow for amazing cards like this Garchomp V at a reasonably affordable price. 

Cynthia is a huge fan favourite and this Garchomp V card captures her at the forefront with her powerful Garchomp looming dangerously behind. This card’s price which is currently fluctuating around the $40 mark is heavily influenced by her presence and is sure to be a card worth pulling for a long time to come. 

Most Expensive Astral Radiance

7 – 161/189 Beedrill V (Alternate Full Art) $42

The first Alternate Art card in this top 10, Beedrill V captures a swarm of Beedrill in their peaceful natural habitat. A personal favourite from Astral Radiance, this brightly coloured artwork by Narumi Saito is a beautiful representation of Spring. 

6 – 208/189 Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Gold) $45

The golden version of our number 10 entrant looks beautiful with the contrast of Palkia’s purple and pink armour and the gold backdrop. One of nine gold cards from the main Astral Radiance set, this Palkia is by far the most popular and the price shows as it’s nearly double the price of the next gold card (Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR).

5 – TG13/TG30 Starmie V $47

The second and last Trainer Gallery in this list of Astral Radiance’s most expensive cards is Starmie V an ode to the Pokemon anime we all know and love. Chilling alongside Misty, this Starmie V card is a must for any collector of the OG Kanto trainers and will be the favourite card of many from this set. It’s no surprise that Starmie V is the most expensive card from Astral Radiance’s Trainer Gallery with a current TCGPlayer market price of $47.

Most Expensive Astral Radiance

4 – 175/189 Hisuain Sneasler V (Alternate Full Art) $52

What’s not to love about Hisuain Sneasler V Alternate Art? Sneasler’s Hisuain form is definitely interesting, to say the least but the Pokemon takes a supporting role for this particular card. The real star of the show here is the amazingly constructed sunset brought to life by OKACHEKE. This card is a real winner from Astral Radiance and a great price at its current $52 market price.

Most Expensive Astral Radiance

3 – 167/189 Origin Forme Palkia V (Alternate Full Art) $65

Palkia’s Origin forme, released as part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, has had a mixed reception due to its strange shape change that made Palkia look like a centaur. Astral Radiance’s Origin Forme Palkia V Alternate Art has taken that forme and ran with it, creating a trippy artwork reminiscent of optical illusions from the past.

2 – 177/189 Origin Forme Dialga V (Alternate Full Art) $80

Who better to capture the essence of time than Pokemon TCG legend, Mitsuhiro Arita? Origin Forme Dialga V Alternate Art was slated to be the most in-demand card from Astral Radiance before its release yet surprisingly falls short to an outside runner (pun intended)…

Most Expensive Astral Radiance

1 – Machamp V (Alternate Full Art)

If you follow Pokemon TCG you were probably expecting Machamp V Alternate Art to be at the top of the list. That being said, before the release of Astral Radiance I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the demand for this card. Machamp is a popular Gen 1 Pokemon yet hardly the biggest fan favourite which makes its TCGPlayer $133 market value quite the shock. 

Machamp V Alternate Art is a great example of how a card’s popularity can rise to new heights if there’s a perfect storm in this case Machamp V’s artwork stands tall above the rest.

What do you think of the current Astral Radiance prices? Did you pull any of these cards? Check out the full set list here!

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