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What’s the most expensive Brilliant Stars card?

most expensive Brilliant Stars

It’s been a few weeks since the release of the first English Pokemon TCG expansion of 2022, Brilliant Stars The set has kicked off 2022 with a bang by merging Arceus, the god of all Pokemon alongside the king of Pokemon TCG, Charizard. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 most expensive cards from Brilliant Stars as well as some notable mentions that don’t quite make the list. This list has been made in collaboration with YouTuber MattCulli, check out his video discussing these cards at the end of this article!

Disclaimer: Prices are estimates, accurate at the time of writing and are based on pre-release prices (Updated 14/03/22).

Notable Mentions

186/172 Ultra Ball Gold Secret Rare  – $30

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the playability of cards can have a massive impact on price and this Gold Ultra Ball is a great example of that Ultra Ball can be found on eBay for around $30 making it one of the cheapest gold Ultra Rares from Brilliant Stars and equally a stellar addition to your TCG deck. 

Brilliant Stars most expensive

157/172 Pikachu V Full Art- $20

Pikachu V, originally released as an alternate art in Japan’s Starter Deck 100, is my chase card from Brilliant Stars. There’s something about the way the colours pop together and Pikachu’s stance that makes this card feel like something plucked straight out of Ash’s pocket. Full Arts can be very hit and miss but this card looks set to continue the trend of homerun Pikachu V Full Arts.

Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon CHR – Between $3 and $5

2021 was the year of the Eeveelutions with stand-out Alternate Art cards like Umbreon VMAX from Evolving Skies. Now, in Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars, the original trio get some much-deserved love as they’re shown alongside Gary in different natural habitats. Flareon can be seen seeking affection, Vaporeon looks docile in a pond, and Jolteon is in the midst of an attack. There are so many cool cards in the Trainer Gallery but these three together stand out above the rest. 

TG05/TG30 Zekrom CHR – $3 – $5

Hot off the heels of drawing Mew’s Alternate Art VMAX in Fusion Strike, Akira Egawa is back with an amazing rendition of N riding on Zekrom’s back. This card screams epic as the legendary Pokemon breaks through the clouds with the sun shining in the background. There are similarities between this card and Pikachu & Zekrom GX Alternate Art from Tag Bolt and continues the trend of stellar Zekrom cards in Pokemon TCG.

Brilliant Stars Set

Top 10 most expensive cards from Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars

Number 10 – TG22/TG30 Umbreon V CSR$20$22

Continuing the Eeveelutions and Trainer Gallery trend, Umbreon V makes the ninth spot on this list with sales circulating the $70 mark. The first of two Umbreon cards on this list, Umbreon V CSR is found alongside Karen created by a new artist to the Pokemon TCG, Ligton. 

Number 9 – TG15/TG30 Sylveon VMAX CSR$20$25

The ranking of this list is based on current market value across international markets meaning that the most expensive card of Brilliant Stars could vary further down the line. Sylveon has had some incredible cards over the last 12 months including the Alternate Art VMAX from Evolving Skies. In Brilliant Stars, Sylveon can be found alongside Valerie in a dream-like art style by sui as part of the Trainer gallery subset.

Number 8 – 171/172 Marnie’s Pride Full Art Trainer$20$26

When Starter Deck 100 was released and Marnie’s Pride Full Art appeared online, Marnie fans everywhere lost their minds. The card was selling for a pretty penny and still is with recent sales on eBay close to $300. Now, thanks to Brilliant Stars, you can own your copy to continue your Marnie collection at a fraction of the price: currently around the $25 mark. 

Brilliant Stars most expensive

Number 7 – 183/172 Galarian Moltres V Gold Secret Rare$30$33

One of three gold Galarian legendary birds in Brilliant Stars, Moltres is the only Gen 1 legendary to make this list. Just like Marnie’s Pride this card was initially released in Starter Deck 100 and looks pretty awesome combining Galarian Moltres’ purple flames with a bling gold backdrop. 

Number 6 – TG23/TG30 Umbreon VMAX CSR$35

Umbreon VMAX Alt Art from Evolving Skies was voted as our Ludkins Media Card of the Year for 2021. For fans of Karen’s Umbreon from Pokemon VS, this card continues the massive Umbreon success and provides a successor to one of the best Umbreon cards of all time. For many, this is likely to be the chase card of Brilliant Stars even if it doesn’t necessarily appeal to the masses as much as Umbreon VMAX Alt Art.

Number 5 – 153/172 Charizard V Full Art$40$45

The first Charizard on this list is a great Full Art V that uses the striking orange colour of Pokemon TCG’s favourite set seller to make a vibrant full art card. Many will overlook this card due to the Charizard cards we’ll discuss later on in this list. That being said, this is a fantastic card that reminds me of the Charizard V promo found in Champion’s Path ETBs.

Brilliant Stars most expensive

Number 4 – 184/172 Arceus VSTAR Gold Secret Rare$42 $60

The poster pokemon of the set and the only gold Pokemon from Japan’s Star Birth is also unsurprisingly the most expensive. Arceus VSTAR in gold was selling for roughly $140 during pre-release. Surprisingly here, gold Arceus VSTAR is the most expensive card from the Japanese equivalent of Brilliant Stars, Star Birth.

Brilliant Stars most expensive

Number 3 – 166/172 Arceus V Alt Art$50$70

The seventh most expensive card (at the time of writing) from Brilliant Stars is none other than Arceus V in its Alternate Art form. Most of us have barely found time to eat after dropping hours if not days into Pokemon Legends Arceus. For fans of the newest Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch, Brilliant Stars delves into the world of Arceus with this illustration by Kawayoo that shows Arceus reigning supreme above the clouds. Arceus V Alternate Art can be found for around $50 on eBay US. Whilst Arceus V 166/172 is arguably the best looking Arceus card from Brilliant Stars, it’s not the most expensive. 

Number 2 – 154/172 Charizard V Alt Art$120$150

Originally leaked at the end of last year, this Charizard card is one of the best we’ve seen in years. Charizard V Alternate Art 154/172 by Ryota Murayama looks like something plucked straight from the anime as Charizard avoids a vine whip from Venusaur. Many of us expected this to be the chase card for the expansion and being the second most expensive card on this list it appears to be up there. Currently, Charizard V Alternate Art can be found for roughly $120 on eBay US. 

Brilliant Stars top picks

Number 1 – 174/172 Charizard VSTAR Rainbow Rare $150$190

With prices still up in the air, Charizard VSTAR Rainbow Hyper Rare can be found on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. This Charizard is the first rainbow Charizard since Champion’s Path which was released in September 2020, add that to the new VSTAR mechanic and this card is high in demand. On release this card was selling for $300 but has since dropped significantly.

Brilliant Stars most expensive

 Check out the video below to see how prices have changed since the prerelease of the set. Subscribe to MattCulli on YouTube and check out his store to order some Brilliant Stars.

What do you think of the current Brilliant Star prices? Did you pull any of these cards? Check out the full set list here!

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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