What’s the most expensive English Pokemon card of 2021?

Pokemon most expensive 2021

With 2021 coming to a close we’re focusing on the fantastic last 12 months of Pokemon TCG. Our Card of the Year 2021 voting is well and truly underway over on Instagram so we thought we’d countdown the Top 5 most expensive English Pokemon TCG cards from 2021. Do you own any of these cards?

Disclaimer: this list is based on the most expensive English Pokemon TCG releases of 2021 with sales data from TCGPlayer and eBay. To have made this list the card must’ve been released in 2021 and must be readily available in booster packs (no promos for this list, our most expensive promos from 2021 will be out soon!).

Number 5 – Gengar VMAX Fusion Strike

Kicking off our top 5 most expensive English Pokemon TCG cards that you can pull from releases in 2021 is Fusion Strike’s Gengar VMAX Alternate Art. This card was originally released in Japan as a Secret Rare in Gengar’s High-Class playable deck before making its way to the English TCG in November. On TCGPlayer Gengar VMAX 271/264 has a current market value of $108 with recent eBay sales fluctuating between $100 and $120 for a mint raw card. As with all cards in this list, graded copies are scarce due to the lack of submission options currently at PSA. At the time of writing, there are currently 18 PSA 10s in existence with a best offer accepted recent sale of $500 on eBay.

Number 4 – Espeon VMAX Fusion Strike

Pokemon most expensive 2021

Fusion Strike is the last English Pokemon TCG expansion of 2021 so the shininess of new chase cards may explain why their prices are still relatively high in comparison to other sets. Espeon VMAX is the main chase card from Fusion Strike after months of hype due to Japan’s Eevee Heroes Eeveelutions Set promo card. This beautiful artwork by Kouki Saitou is a stand out card of 2021 and it’s no surprise that it fetches around $120 to $140 on eBay. TCGPlayer’s market value of Espeon VMAX Alternate Art sits at $113 slightly higher than Gengar VMAX. That being said, PSA 10 copies are currently selling for between $350 and $400 which is slightly lower than our number 5 card – Again graded pricing on these ultra-modern cards are all over the place so take these values with a big grain of salt.

Number 3 – Charizard VMAX Shining Fates

Love or hate Charizard and 3D graphic cards there is no denying the impact of Charizard VMAX from Shining Fates on Pokemon TCG this year. Back in February, we were all building up to Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary with all-time high prices and unimaginable box breaks like Logan Paul’s Pokemon x Crypto stream, that’s what we’re coining it as right? When Shining Fates was released in February the hype was through the roof mostly due to Shiny Charizard VMAX releasing in English after 2020’s Shiny Star V in Japan. With a market value on TCGPlayer of $122 and eBay sales of anywhere between $80 and $150 depending on condition this card could be as much fifth as third on this list. With over 2600 PSA 10s in existence, it’s a real surprise to see this card still selling for $500, I guess the Charizard tax really does exist!

Number 2 – Rayquaza VMAX Evolving Skies

Pokemon most expensive 2021

Evolving Skies is the best English Pokemon TCG set of 2021. Bringing the cards from Eevee Heroes and combining with Japan’s Rayquaza focused Blue Sky Strem the set is filled with alternate art cards of incredibly popular Pokemon. On release, Rayquaza VMAX Alternate Art was the chase card everyone wanted with its majestic movement through the forest. That’s why it’s no surprise that Rayquaza alongside the number 1 most expensive English Pokemon TCG card from a booster pack in 2021 are both from Evolving Skies. Rayquaza VMAX has a TCGPlayer market value of $160 and raw copies currently sell on eBay for around the $170 to $180 mark. If you’re looking for a PSA 10 there are currently 4 in existence making the graded value very unreliable at around $500 – Expect way more copies of this card to grade with PSA over the coming months.

Number 1 – Umbreon VMAX Evolving Skies

Pokemon most expensive 2021

This article was prompted due to Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art being crowned our 2021 Card of the Year. In terms of booster pulls this card deserves all the praise it gets thanks to an absolutely gorgeous artwork by Keiichiro Ito. The price has settled on eBay at around $190 with a market value on TCGPlayer of $180. This card is quite possibly the best Pokemon TCG card of 2021 and I think it’s pretty easy to see why. Recent PSA 10 sales suggest the value is at around $550 – we’ll have more of an insight into where this settles as we move into 2022.

Do you own any of these Pokemon cards? Are you surprised at the top 5 most expensive English Pokemon cards of 2021?

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