What’s the most expensive Pokemon promo card of 2021?

Pokemon most expensive promo 2021

With 2021 coming to a close we’re focusing on the fantastic last 12 months of Pokemon TCG. Our Card of the Year 2021 voting is well and truly underway over on Instagram so we thought we’d countdown the Top 5 most expensive Promo card releases from Pokemon TCG cards in 2021. Do you own any of these cards?

Disclaimer: this list is based on the most expensive Promo card releases of 2021 with sales data from eBay US. To have made this list the card must’ve been released in 2021 as a promo card in English or an S-P promo in Japan. We’ve also decided to group promo releases together as some sales data for individual cards is very hard to find. 

Number 5 – Espeon VMAX 189/S-P

Pokemon most expensive promo 2021

When Espeon VMAX was revealed as part of Eevee Heroes “Eeveelutions Set” back in May there was hysteria to try and find a box. The card by Kouki Saitou is a fan favourite with Espeon sleeping on top of a house with Wingulls flying overhead. Recent sales show the price for a sealed copy around the $110-$120 mark with prices settling due to the English release of the card in November’s Fusion Strike. The English version of Espeon VMAX Alternate Art sells slightly higher at around $130 making it the number 4 most expensive English booster pull of 2021.

Number 4 – Special Delivery Bidoof SWSH177

When Bidoof day was announced back on July 1st the images of a Special Delivery Bidoof were first taken with a big pinch of salt. For months we had been waiting for the release of Special Delivery Charizard to no avail and then suddenly a parody version with Bidoof alongside everyone’s favourite fire Pokemon popped up without a word of warning. Lucky Pokemon Center US customers received promo codes to add to their order and receive a Special Delivery Bidoof as an extra. Due to the distribution and the meme-worthy design of the card, Special Delivery Bidoof regularly sells for between $120 and $150 sealed on eBay. At the time of writing, there are 46 PSA 10s on the PSA registry with sales around the $600 mark. 

Number 3 – Cramorant 226/S-P & Pikachu 227/S-P

Pokémon TCG promo stamps

When Pokemon’s Japan Post collaboration was revealed in the summer we all fell in love with Mitsuhiro Arita’s reimagining of classic Japanese art. Pikachu based on the famous “Beauty looking back” and Cramorant “Wild geese flying under the full moon” are arguably the most beautiful cards of 2021. In terms of their value, the sealed Japan Post cards sell for around $180 on eBay making them cheaper individually than Special Delivery Bidoof for example. The cards are readily available thanks to a lottery of over 100,000 Japan Post collection boxes released to the public.

Number 2 – Pikachu on the Ball Futsal 001/005

Pokemon TCG futsal

We’ve gone into great depth about the Pokemon Futsal collection in the past with four of the five promo cards easily obtainable via GAME in the UK. That being said, Pikachu on the Ball is a very elusive card released as a gift to Youth Futsal clubs in the UK. Due to its exclusive release, it’s hard to know how many cards are in circulation and this has driven the price to near the $1000 mark. There are currently 7 PSA 10s in existence so expect the price of a Gem Mint copy to be through the roof!

Number 1 – Flareon VMAX 186/S-P, Vaporeon VMAX 187/S-P & Jolteon VMAX 188/S-P

Pokemon most expensive promo 2021

By far the most expensive promo cards from 2021, Alternate Art Flareon, Vaporeon & Jolteon VMAX are probably the rarest cards of the year. With only 3000 of each card available, the promos were released as part of the Summer Pokemon Card Campaign winner’s prize. The three cards in their original packaging sell for around $3500 with individual card sale data impossible to find. 12 sets appear to have been graded with PSA resulting in only one PSA 9 Flareon VMAX and 35 PSA 10s. The Premium VMAX Collection boxes with these cards in English have just been released in North America and are expected in Q1 2022 for the UK. Due to the exclusivity of these cards, the mainstream English release is unlikely to affect their meteoric value. 

Do you own any of these Pokemon cards? Are you surprised at the top 5 most expensive Pokemon promo cards of 2021?

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