What’s the most expensive VMAX Climax card?

We’re a week on from the release of Japan’s 2021 High-Class expansion, VMAX Climax. The set has been met with huge praise from the community with over one hundred special arts including the return of character rares. Surprisingly, however, the prices of cards are far more affordable than we would’ve expected out the gate thanks to a huge print run and readily available boxes in the Japanese market. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 5 most expensive cards from VMAX Climax with a somewhat surprising first place spot!

Disclaimer: prices accurate at the time of writing.

Number 5 – Pikachu VMAX CSR

The ranking of this list is based on current market value across Japan and international markets. The fifth most expensive card (at the time of writing) from VMAX Climax is none other than Pikachu VMAX CSR, one of the first cards to be revealed a few months ago. It’s no surprise that Pikachu VMAX Character Super Rare alongside Red is the most expensive Character Super Rare from the set due to Pikachu’s popularity and Souichirou Gunjima’s fantastic artwork. The card can be found for around 5500 Yen directly from Japan and about £60 from eBay UK.

VMAX Climax Expensive

Number 4 – Pikachu VMAX UR

The next card on the list is also a Pikachu and surprisingly the only gold Ultra Rare to make the top 5. When we first started to hear about the inclusion of gold cards in VMAX Climax there was huge expectation surrounding the rarity and pull rate of the six cards in question. The prices haven’t translated to what was expected pre-release and Pikachu VMAX gold Ultra Rare looks to have settled around the 6000 Yen mark in Japan with eBay sales circulating between £60 and £70.

VMAX Climax Expensive

Number 3 – Acerola’s Intuition

Acerola is a beloved trainer often depicted alongside Mimikyu like Mimikyu V CSR which is one of the best cards from this expansion. Her Full Art Trainer Supporter card is the first of three Trainers to top this list with Acerola front and centre sitting with a library in the background alongside Mimikyu’s ghost costume. In Japan, prices are currently around 9000 Yen with copies selling on eBay for anywhere between £80 to £120.

VMAX Climax Expensive

Number 2 – Galar Friends

No surprise with this one. That being said I think many of us presumed this card would be the number one most expensive card from VMAX Climax due to the popularity of characters like Marnie and the links to Alola Friends, one of the most expensive modern-day Japanese promo cards. Galar Friends is currently selling for 14000 Yen and £135-£150 respectively. For owners of Alola Friends, this card will fit right into their collection without coming close to breaking the bank like its predecessor.

VMAX Climax Expensive

Number 1 – Gloria

Shiny Star V saw Marnie overshadow Charizard VMAX due to Naoki Saito’s beloved art style. VMAX Climax now sees a similar trend with Saito’s Gloria currently selling for the highest price of all VMAX Climax cards. Gloria, better known as the female playable character in Pokemon Sword & Shield on Nintendo Switch has surprisingly shot up in price over the last couple of days becoming one of very few VMAX Climax cards to climb in price post-launch. In Japan, Gloria was selling for around 9000 Yen initially and skyrocketing to a current market price of around 16000 Yen. If you want to pick this card up from a Japanese seller on eBay the value appears to be around a whopping £160.

What do you think of the current VMAX Climax prices? Did you pull any of these cards?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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