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What’s the most valuable FF TCG booster pull?

The next set in the FF TCG will be Rebellion’s Call, which will release this summer alongside a new two-player starter deck pitting Golbez and Cecil against each other. Before this set releases and affects the landscape of the FF TCG market, we will take a look at the most valuable cards that can be pulled from booster packs.

Please note that the prices mentioned in this article reflect the time of writing and are subject to change in the future. 

Tifa – 11-071L (Full Art)

The full art Tifa card that came with Opus XI is currently holding one of the highest values in the game at $550. The last copies to sell on eBay went for $550 on November 6th and October 27th. This value is also reflected on TCG Player with the last copy selling on December 1st. On November 3rd, a BGS 9.5 copy went for $855 after a ‘Buy it Now’ sale. There is currently a BGS 10 copy up for auction, which has a top bid of $1225 after 9 bids, with just over a day left to go. 

FF TCG valuable cards

If you would like to learn more about this card and its previous value, you can head over to our article here

Cloud – 11-127L (Full Art)

The full art Cloud that also came with Opus XI is staying strong at a value of between $200 and $210.  There is a PSA 10 copy of this card currently up for auction, which has one bid of $125 with just over a day left until it ends. There are only 13 copies of this card in the PSA population, all of which are PSA 10s, so it will be interesting to see how much this goes for.

FF TCG valuable cards

Cloud 14-065L (Full Art)

The full art Cloud 14-065L has been the most valuable card of Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss

since the pre-release of the set. The last raw copies of this card sold for £177 on January 9th and for $175 on October 27th. Over on TCG Player, however, copies have been selling for slightly less, with the last two near mint copies going for $140. As for the graded copies of this card, a BGS 9.5 copy sold for $298 on January 12th, with barely any other graded sales taking place recently. 

FF TCG valuable cards

Lightning – 13-081 (Full Art)

The last full art copy of Lightning, which came with Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance, sold for £150 on December 9th. This value is in line with the values on TCG Player around the same time but has since seen a slight increase on the site with a sale of $200.

FF TCG valuable cards

Sephiroth – 11-130L (Full Art)

The Sephiroth full art card, also from the Opus XI, is the third most valuable card that can be pulled from the set. One of the last copies to sell on eBay was on October 31st for $121, with the latest sale made on TCG Player going for £145 on November 5th.


Meia 9-095L (Full Art)

Another full art that is at the top end of the FF market is the Meia full art from Opus IX, which was selling for between $130 and $140 in October 2021 over on TCG Player. That value has since dipped, with the last sales going for $100 and $110 in November. 

Gabranth EX 9-063L (Full Art)

The last Gabranth EX to sell went for $115 on October 29th over on eBay, with another selling on TCG Player around the same time for $113. It seems that the value hasn’t changed much going into 2022, with the last copy selling for $116. 

Rebellion’s Call will release in July and will focus on the characters of the Japanese mobile game Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII. Legacy cards will make an appearance in this set, with popular cards getting the premium full-art treatment. This set will release alongside a new two-player starter deck which will include 15 extra cards for each deck so the player can customise it. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media

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