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Why you should be excited for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations

Pokemon Celebrations cards

The full set list of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary expansion, Celebrations has officially been revealed and looks to be one of the most exciting releases of the year with lots of cards to offer for new and old Pokemon fans alike. Here are our top picks for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations releasing October 8th 2021.

Just before we begin, Pokemon TCG: Celebrations is broken down into the main set and a subset called the Classic Collection. All cards have a 25th anniversary Pikachu stamp on the card however, the Classic Collection which are reprints of some of Pokemon TCG’s most popular cards have no set number or differentiation from their original counterpart bar the 25th stamp and the removal of any reference to Wizards of the Coast.

Pokemon TCG: Celebrations has been hit with card leaks dating back to the middle of the summer alongside early product openings and other issues that have left a sour taste when thinking about the 25th-anniversary set. Now that we have the digital images of the set as a whole, opinions may start to change as the set will be a fun 50 card set to complete and hopefully obtainable for the masses. Here’s why you should be excited about Pokemon TCG: Celebrations.


The best place to start with Pokemon TCG: Celebrations cards is by taking a look at everyone’s favourite electric mouse! Pikachu has five cards in Celebrations’ main set and one special Birthday Pikachu re-release as part of the Classic Collection. Flying and Surfing Pikachu have been modernised in V and VMAX forms as well as a new re-imagination of Mitsuhiro Arita’s famous Base Set Pikachu in a new Full Art form. If you’re a Pikachu fan this set sells itself and if you’re interested to see more of our thoughts on these cards we wrote a full article when they were originally revealed a few months ago that that can be found here.


We’ve been talking about Mew all week after the release of Fusion Arts in Japan and Pokemon TCG: Celebrations brings even more excitement for Mew collectors and fans! The gold card from Celebrations’ main set is a beautiful shiny Mew full art card that will be the chase card for many. Alongside shiny gold Mew, there’s also a regular holo as well as a reprint of Mew EX from 2006 as part of the Classic Collection. We love Mew at Ludkins Media, who doesn’t?

Base Set Trio

Another Pokemon anniversary means another Base Set Charizard reprint. At first when images started to circulate many were disappointed by the card as it doesn’t add anything to the mix. That being said, after seeing the digital images of the card and knowing that it is fully texturised, this Charizard is actually pretty cool. Pokemon have emphasised the reprints by going with the OG thick yellow border and because of this for many newcomers to the hobby, this may be their first-ever Base Set Charizard pull. Alongside Pokemon TCG’s mascot, there’s finally a reprint of Base Set Venusaur and Blastoise which makes these cards very accessible to the masses.

Professor’s Research

Professor’s Research gets modernised in Pokemon TCG: Celebrations with a full art trainer card as well as a regular holo where Oak’s hand protrudes the image. These are the only trainer cards in the Main set list and make for a fantastic nostalgic card that will fit into any full art trainer collection.

Shining Magikarp

We were patiently waiting for a Shining Gyarados but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, Magikarp gets some love with a reprint of Neo Revelation’s Shining variant. This card will be fully texturised like all the Classic Collection cards and is shiny so what’s not to love?

Pokemon Celebrations cards

Metal Pikachu & Metal Charizard

The final cards that we’ll touch upon on this list are promo metal cards that are included as part of the Ultra Premium Collection. These cards are made of solid metal and have received a mixed response since we revealed them on Instagram yesterday. Some feel like the card looks like an Etsy rip off others are excited to get a premium display piece of their favourite cards from their childhood. The Ultra Premium Collection appears to be sold out but if you do get the chance to pick one up these cards may be the reason to do so alongside the Gold Pikachu and Gold Pokeball promo cards.

Metal Pikachu Charizard Celebrations

What cards from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations are you most excited for? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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