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Will the recent ban/errata additions affect DBS prices?

On October 15th, Bandai updated their UW06 ban/errata list, hitting cards that previously saw a lot of play. Their reason behind the changes, as always, is to scale back certain decks that appear to have a significant advantage within the metagame. This opens up the format to other types of decks and keeps the competitive landscape fresh.

Although the DBS CG has a lot of collectors, the market is also highly impacted by the players, with the price of certain core cards holding high values solely because of their playability. The question is, now that certain cards have been added to the ban/errata list, have their values significantly dropped? 

Galactic Buster (BT13-060)

One of the biggest upsets from the errata addition is ‘Galactic Buster’, which has only been around since the release of Supreme Rivalry in May. The reason behind the text change is to prevent people from using Galactic Buster in decks other than the intended Boujack Brigade decks. 

When this card first hit the market in May, it was selling for an average of $10. This value stayed steady until July, when it went up to $15. By the end of July, there were sales of between $17 and $19, with some going for as much as $30. Galactic Buster had a $15 to $20 range throughout August but saw another boom in value at the beginning of September when it was selling for between $24 and $30. Before October 14th, the day before the errata reveal, this card was selling for around $18. On October 15th, however, its value dropped to $9, with the latest sales going for between $8 and $6. 

DBS CG ban/errata
DBS CG ban/errata

Zamasu, the Eliminator (P-337)

‘Zamasu, the Eliminator’ has been restricted to just Battle Cards, as it was previously used to prevent the play of Unison Cards. With the release of Unison Boost, with more cards coming in the near future, it only makes sense for Bandai to stop a card that throws a spanner in the works. 

This card has always held a very healthy value, mainly because of how good it is in play.  September saw copies of this card sell for between $42 and $50, but after the errata, sales of this card dropped between $24 and $26 on TCG Player. 

Violent Rush Boujack (EX13-35)

The only card to be added to the ban list is Violent Rush Boujack, with Bandai explaining that it “creates additional energy that any Blue/Yellow deck can utilise for strong defensive plays at minimal cost”. 

This card, which came with the 2020 Anniversary Box, never really had much value before it landed on the ban list, although this parallel foil did reach prices of $8 in July. In August and September, there were sales as low as $1.50 and as high as $6.70. Since the ban list dropped on October 15th, copies have continued to sell on TCG Player for between $3 and $6. 

The latest ban/errata list will come into effect as of November 1st, during the pre-release period for the Saiyan Showdown booster. To learn more about this new set, officially releasing on November 4th, click on one of the links below – 

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