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Will we see these Eeveelution Lottery Promos in English? Yes we will!

Eeveelution lottery promos

Last month, an Eeveelution VMAX lottery in Japan was announced with three exclusive promos available to 3000 lucky lottery winners. These highly sought-after cards will prove incredibly difficult to obtain for any collector outside Japan. 

UPDATE: Eeveelution VMAX boxes including these cards will arrive in the English Pokemon TCG on December 3rd 2021!

New information has now been revealed surrounding the inclusion of these Eeveelution lottery promo cards in different countries outside of Japan, which gives the rest of the world a little more hope in obtaining these awesome artworks. 

On their official website, Pokemon Hong Kong announced an Eeveelution focused competition starting on August 16th and running until September 26th where the winners of tournaments across Hong Kong will receive one of three Eeveelution VMAX cards depending on the date of the tournament they enter. 

Eeveelution lottery promos

With the inclusion of these cards in Hong Kong, it begs the question of whether these incredible promo cards will ever make it across the Pacific Ocean and into the English TCG. With the initial announcement of a lottery for the Japanese cards and the history behind Japanese lottery cards, which we discussed here, the possibility was very slim. Now that these cards are appearing as potential Trophy cards in tournaments this opens up the prospect of English versions. 

A recent example of an alternate art trophy card making its way to Pokemon TCG in English is the rainbow Charizard VMAX from Champion’s Path which was initially awarded to winners of promotional “Charizard HR Competitions” throughout 2020 alongside a lottery for participants of the “Shield Battle at Home Campaign” which was set up to be more accessible during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

This card was later released as part of Champion’s Path in English.

When these Japanese lottery cards were initially announced last month, our Instagram post detailing the reveal led to loads of our readers asking about the potential to own the Eeveelution VMAX alternate arts. The answer to that question is still slim, however, the prospect of Pokemon printing these cards in different markets now makes the possibility of these cards appearing in the West ever so slightly more believable.

Which card is your favourite from these three Eeveelution VMAX cards?

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