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Worlds 2022 ‘Champions Festival’ promo and participant goods revealed! 

With the World Championships 2022 kicking off today, the first images of the 2022 ‘Champions Festival’ promo cards and backpack goods have been shared by PlaySkape Games. The packs given to participants of Worlds include all the different language versions of the ‘Champions Festival’ promo, with 11 cards in total. Participants will also be given an exclusive backpack with this year’s London theme running throughout it, which has been packed with plenty of goodies. This includes the 2022 Pikachu plushie, a cap, a T-Shirt, a Nintendo Switch case, a playmat (and sleeve), a double deck box, a competitor’s pin, two lanyards, two sets of card sleeves, a screen cleaner, a dice bag, as well as a travel pass Holder and luggage tag. The bag will also come with a competitor and spectator badge, which will grant a competitor and a friend entry into the event.  

Champions Festival promo
Image Credit – PlaySkape Games
Image Credit – PlaySkape Games
Image Credit – Rigo Lopez
Image Credit – Rigo Lopez

Most of the items included in the backpack can be purchased at the Worlds 2022 Pokemon Center, except for the backpack, dice bag, screen cleaner, competitor’s pin, travel pass holder and luggage tag that are exclusive to those competing at Worlds. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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