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Yet Another Record-Breaking Pokémon TCG Sale – A Fake News Warning

Fake News Pokémon Sale

The Pokémon TCG world sees record-breaking sales daily. Whether that’s a verified auction like Goldin Auction’s 1995 Topsun Blue Back Charizard PSA 10 or private sales such as the $450,000 First Edition Base Set booster box from last week. We’re living in a time where the larger the number, the crazier the story leading to false information and fake news appearing across the Pokémon TCG landscape.

Yesterday, reports surfaced on Instagram of a $506,000 First Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard PSA 10 sale through PWCC Auctions on eBay. This sale has now been cancelled after the buyer decided to opt-out of payment, that being said there are still remnants of this purchase spreading through Instagram and Facebook.

This is an opportunity to emphasise the risk of reporting final auction bids and huge numbers across the hobby that lead to misinformation spreading across mainstream news channels. Here at Ludkins Media, before reporting on any sale information, we research and verify to make sure there are no false sales, shill bids, or cancelled bids becoming new prices that spread like wildfire leading to newly inflated prices across the hobby.

This article is a public service announcement to clarify that the Pokémon TCG world is not immune to fake news and with the speed that information spreads over social media it is incredibly easy to get caught up in false information.

Since launching at the start of January, the goal of this website is to make sure you can trust and share articles with the Ludkins Media name across the internet with the knowledge that there are no clickbait titles or misinformation. We truly believe in high-quality journalism within all TCGs and our mission is to make sure you, the reader, are provided with the content you deserve.

If you see any information about a record-breaking sale on Instagram or Facebook, please check the source before sharing as we’re all culpable of not checking back to make sure what we share is still factual after the fact.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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