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YouTuber leaks Silver Tempest cards and gets rewarded by Pokemon Company?

It’s hard to ignore the Silver Tempest leaks that have appeared on Reddit lately which were a result of boosters being stolen from the millennium print group. This booster will be the final set in the Sword and Shield era and will release on November 11th. The stolen packs came in the form of three-pack blisters that were bought on eBay by content creator SeismicShocTV, who opened them for a video which was eventually taken down at the request of a private investigator working for the Pokemon Company. While we will not post the leaks here, you can find them here on the r/PokemonTCG Reddit page.

It seems that the Pokemon Company has had enough of their sets being leaked early, which has been happening more and more lately. With the recent leaks, they hired a private investigator to contact SeismicShocTV to track down the source of the stolen packs. As it turns out, the seller sent the packs with his return address on the packaging, which means that it won’t be long until the thief is identified and any legal actions are issued against them.  SeismicShocTV’s original video of the pack openings has now been taken down, but in a follow-up video, the content creator explains how Pokemon are clamping down on any products leaking onto the market early, especially months before the scheduled release date. In the video,  SeismicShocTV says he paid $30 to $35 for each of the three-pack blisters, which seems like an incredibly low amount of money for the seller to risk a huge lawsuit and even prison time for. 

Silver Tempest leaks
Silver Tempest leaks

SeismicShocTv’s decision to buy and open the stolen cards has been met with mixed responses, with many Pokemon TCG fans in the community not happy with the fact that he bought the cards knowing full well that they were stolen property. One of the comments reads – 

“The real question is, would you have done any of this had you not got caught. On some level there was a conscious thought that the product was stolen and it was legitimate and that purchasing it from the seller wasn’t ethical, but you made the choice to do it and then upload it for content. I used to love watching big YouTubers content over new products, but it’s things like these that take the joy out of this community.”

In response, SeismicShocTV wrote – 

‘Done any of what? What do you mean “got caught”? To get caught means you were hiding something. I literally made videos of everything… I appreciate your comment but at the end of the day, I’m gonna do what I wanna do and if you disagree that’s completely fine with me. You have the option to turn the other cheek and not engage at all.’

While SeismicShocTV lost the 24k + view video from the takedown, it seems that he has still profited from the whole controversy. In the follow up video, he says that the Pokemon Company are “known to look after those who help them out” and “reward” them.  In a pinned comment, the Pokemon content creator mentions a ‘potential partnership with Pokemon’ coming up. 

Do you think SeismicShocTV should be punished for buying Silver Tempest stolen packs and leaking them? Or do you think that rewarding him would be a positive measure and would encourage other content creators to help report leaked products? 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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